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WordPress Support

wordpress icon imageWant more out of your WordPress website?

IgLou can help.

We have been working with WordPress for several years and love its platform. While it is constantly evolving and getting better, there are also security vulnerabilities that need to be monitored. Keeping your site up-to-date not only keeps your site safe from hackers, it also helps maintain and improve your search rankings.

Search engines like to see your site is being updated not only with security features, but also content. When no content updates have been made in more than a few months, the site appears to be abandoned and therefor loses spots in rankings. This is why it may be smart to add a blog or informative article from time to time.

Benefits IgLou WordPress Support can add

    1. Regular system and plugin updates to maintain security .
    2. Knowledge on many available free plugins that can enhance your site.
    3. Social Media integration.
    4. Google Analytics for visitor tracking and behavior analysis.
    5. Website enhancements such as front page sliders and image galleries.
    6. Tutorials on how to use and edit WordPress features such as custom side menus and widgets.
    7. Custom editing to your website template. (i.e. changing/updating fonts and colors).
    8. And much more…

Prices for simple updates start at just $25. Get the most out of your website.

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WordPress offers some really great plugins. Click here to see a few IgLou recommends.

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Click here to see what’s included and pricing.

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Click image to see an example page of tutorial.

Rates are $50 an hour with a 30 minute minimum.