WordPress has an infinite number of FREE plugins that can enhance your site. Below are a few we would highly recommend and use. Upload them yourself of we can do it for you.

+ Formidable Contact Form +

contact form

An easy to use drag and drop contact form builder. Works with your template for seamless integration. Offers re-captcha feature to weed out spam.

Learn more here.

+ NextGen Gallery +


An easy to use photo gallery that looks great on your site. The lightbox feature lets you click on the image for larger viewer. Set to view as slideshow or thumbnails.

Learn more here.

+ Meta Slider +

Kleinert website

Very versatile  image slider feature that can really make your home page come alive. You can choose from 4 different styles and many more different transition options. Also add captions.

Learn more here.

Meta Slider was used on the home page of this website.

+ Smarty Pant’s Document and Project Manager +

share software

WordPress plug-in that allows your business to manage client files and projects securely. Designed for Businesses and Organization that require clients to send files and those files need to be managed or assigned to Supplier’s, Vendors, Sub-Contractors or internal staff. The Smarty Pants Document and Project manager has application across industry lines.

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