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Website Antivirus


We will secure your website from hackers, so you don’t have to. IgLou security experts thoroughly scan, clean, monitor & protect your website 24/7. Our security software automatically blocks your website’s vulnerabilities from any & all attacks.



CloudLinux – IgLou runs CloudLinux on all of its’ shared webservers, greatly improving server reliability and security over other web-hosters.  Customers are isolated from each other at the operating-system level, and every customer is guaranteed their fair share of server resources, such as memory, CPU and incoming connections.

Server Firewall – As a first line of defense, IgLou’s servers have all unnecessary services and ports blocked at the edge of the network to stop incoming probes in their tracks.  Repeated attempts to bypass security for well-known services, such as email and FTP, will result in automatic blocking for a significant amount of time.

Web-Traffic Firewall – IgLou’s servers inspect incoming web traffic to try and automatically stop incoming hacker attacks, malware and zero-day exploits.  Using a combination of open-source and commercial rule-set subscriptions, your website gets an extra level of protection with no extra configuration needed.

WordPress Firewall – Customers using the popular WordPress content-management system (CMS) who opt-in for IgLou assisted maintenance also receive an additional line of defense.  A suite of special plugins monitor the consistency and integrity of the WordPress software core and notify IgLou of any unexpected changes, typically the first sign of intrusion.  It also protects against repeated brute-force password hacking, further protection against zero-day WordPress exploits, and regular scans of the website looking for signs of malware.

Backups of Backups – As a final line of defense, a good backup strategy helps recover not only from intrusions but also accidental changes to the website.  IgLou’s servers automatically back-up customer websites on a regular weekly schedule, with retention of at least several months.  Websites under IgLou’s maintenance a receive a dramatically increased archival period for backups, allowing for restorations of content in the past.